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Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter Nintendo Game Boy Advance Video Game

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter Nintendo Game Boy Advance Video Game

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Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter for Game Boy Advance. Will come in a game case with artwork. The game is in English, region free, works great and is able to save.


This game is exactly based on the Pokemon Adventure manga. Nearly all the original events will happen in this game, however some of them were changed to become longer. By following the manga, you will not get your starter Pokemon right from the beginning, but later in the game you can have them all.


  • Story follows the Manga exactly with few extra events.
  • Only boy is playable.
  • Two rivals: Blue (boy rival) and Green (girl rival).
  • Several Pokemon got buffed/nerfed.
  • Ice-Type is super effective against Fairy. It also resists Water, Ground and Flying-Types.
  • Grass-Type deals normal damage against Flying-Type.
  • Rock-Type resists Dragon-Type.
  • New tiles, maps, textures, items, trainer class and Pokemon sprites.
  • Bonus/optional events that changes storyline.
  • The main character speaks in color text.
  • Several reference to the Pokemon anime, pop cultures and other games.
  • Some trainers have special Pokemon.
  • Fairy Type is in the game.
  • Day and night system.
  • Special and Physical Split.
  • EV are now indicated in Pokemon’s stat screen.
  • Able to change outfit.
  • TM are reusable.
  • Different Regions: Kanto, Orange Archipelago, Mirage Island, Sevii Islands (completed) – Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Decolore Archipelago, Nanomi are upcoming.
  • Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV is catchable, Gen V to Gen VII is upcoming. There are also Unique
  • Pokemon/Fakemon/Shadow Pokemon upcoming.
  • Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion are upcoming.
  • Pokemon Fusion (only in Sevii Islands).
  • There are side stories beside the main storyline. Most side stories flesh out several characters’ backstory. In addition, most side stories have a prize at the end.
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