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War of the Triad - Knight of the Round (1xLP Vinyl Record)

War of the Triad - Knight of the Round (1xLP Vinyl Record)

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War of the Triad is Knight of the Round's 4th full length album and is a tribute to all things 16-bit!  It continues KOTR's signature aural VGM assault and features 12 tracks, split up amongst the 3 "mainstay" Final Fantasy titles for the SNES, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI.  Each "section" of the album starts with a Prelude and ends with the final boss theme of the respective game.


  1. Prelude (from FFIV)
  2. Red Wings (from FFIV)
  3. Into the Darkness (from FFIV)
  4. End Battle (Zeromus) [from FFIV]
  5. Prelude (from FFV)
  6. Fierce Battle (from FFV)
  7. Beyond the Deep Blue Sea (from FFV)
  8. Exdeath (from FFV)
  9. Prelude (from FFVI)
  10. Mt Koltz (from FFVI)
  11. Dark World (from FFVI)
  12. Dancing Mad (from FFVI)
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