Donkey Kong 5 The Journey of Over Time and Space Nintendo Game Boy Color Video Game

Donkey Kong 5 The Journey of Over Time and Space Nintendo Game Boy Color Video Game

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Donkey Kong 5 The Journey of Over Time and Space for the Game Boy Color. Cartridge only. The game is region free, works great and is able to save.


The game itself is a remake of the first five worlds of Super Mario Bros., with Donkey Kong as the main protagonist (although you control Diddy Kong when you have no powerups). Brick Blocks can no longer be broken, even as big Donkey Kong - this leads to several instances where the player has to intentionally become small to fit through gaps. Like many pirates, the controls are poor and delayed, leading to frustrating gameplay - luckily, however, there are seemingly infinite continues.

Compared to Super Mario Bros., all of the graphics have been replaced; many of the new sprites are reused from various other Game Boy titles. The Donkey Kong graphics are taken from Donkey Kong Land (as well as Donkey Kong '94 on the title screen); oddly, Donkey Kong's running animation is taken from the Game Boy port of Taz-Mania. The game over screen features a somewhat disturbing backdrop covered in what appears to be blood. All of the music and sound effects are lifted from Pokémon Pinball.

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