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The Legend of Zelda Collection Sega Dreamcast Game

The Legend of Zelda Collection Sega Dreamcast Game

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Custom made game that will come in a SLIMLINE CD Case with front artwork only. Disc will also have artwork on it. No modding or boot disc is needed to play this game. Will work on NTSC-U (American) systems.

Game List:

DreamSNES emulation:

BS Zelda
BS Zelda 4th Quest
BS Zelda 3rd Quest
BS Zelda 3rd Story
Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds

Gnuboy emulation (Gameboy color):

Link's Awakening
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons

NesterDC emulation (NES):

Evil Dead
Legend of Zelda (LOZ)
LOZ Fall of the Moon
LOZ Gannon's Revenge
LOZ Outlands
LOZ Special Edition
LOZ Moblin's
Shin Zelda Densetsu
SMB Zelda
South Park Zelda
Monkey of Zelda
Quest of Zleda
Zelda 2C Shadow of Link
Zelda 2K Beta
Zelda 2.5
Zelda 2 God Mode
Zelda 2 Adventure of Link
Zelda EDS
Zelda Embrace
Zelda First New Quest
Zelda SMB Search for Link
Zelda II Adventure of Link

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